[WATCH] Feel ‘Lucky’ With A.C.E In Their Newest Release +Collaboration With Producer & DJ HCUE!


Idol group A.C.E teams up with French producer and DJ Hcue with their newest release!

The music video of the collaborative track “I Feel So Lucky” has been released. Hcue is said to have stumble on A.C.E’s music video online. He drawned by the group’s intense EMD sound and powerful choreography. Hcue even flew to Korea to film the official music video with the idol group.

Hcue commented his thoughts on the collaboration, “I was very satisfied with our work. The audio track that A.C.E sent me with so perfect that I barely added anything to it,” and “Not only are they very talented, but they also understood exactly what I was looking for.” He addded, “I watched their music video, and I couldn’t help but be in awe of their dance skills. That greatly influenced by decision to collaborate with them.”

Hcue also expressed his desire to perform with A.C.E on stage, “We don’t have any specific plans yet, but I’d like to perform with A.C.E. The location doesn’t matter, it could be Korea, France, or any other country.”

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