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[WATCH] Jeong Dong-su(ARKAY) From Produce 101 & Rapper Le.Ju’ce New Release ‘Because Of You’!

Jeong Dong-su (ARKAY) from Produce 101 and rapper Le.Ju’ce’s new song ‘Because of youㅠㅠ’ has been released!

Because of you” is a digital single, a funky dance song written and composed by Jeong Dong-su(ARKAY) from Produce 101 and a new rapper called Le.Ju’ce. This song was made by the world’s first AI record label, AIM, which was announced through the showcase on February 27th. One of Jeong Dong-su’s fans used an AI program to first complete the composition and arrangement before artists added their own emotions to the music.

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This song is something that everyone can relate to because it is a dance song with a contagious rhythm that expresses how a man agonizes over the woman that he loves. The music video teaser shows a Hong Kong location and a variety of fresh content. This project is especially important in that it is the first ever song in which an artist’s fan directly participated in the composition by using an AI program, therefore making it a memorable gift. This project is internationally the first of its kind.

Enterarts, a company that operates the AI label AIM, has released “Music is for all”, an AI record, produced together with Spica’s Kim Bo-hyung, Sohn A-reum, Jeong Dong-su, Highteen and more in Korea for the first time last February. AIM will continue to release more AI records in collaboration with various K-pop artists.

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