[WATCH] M.O.N.T Wins In “Rock, Paper, Scissors”


The mountain idols are back to win over a girl with “Rock, Paper and Scissors.”

India’s beloved trio formed under Fly Music Entertainment never disappoints us, and that’s exactly what we witnessed in their new single. The new track was released on August 25 and marks their first comeback of 2019 with a second mini-album. With bright colors and dazzling visuals, M.O.N.T makes sure to treat their beloved Mints before showcasing themselves in India this September.

The Single

With guitar stringing the single directly dives into the peppy verses led by Narachan. As the names suggest, the track sings about falling for a girl and pondering over their chances to get the girl with the well-known game rock, paper, and scissors. The bright piece suits well for a summer beat and sounds more refined than their previous debut single. As a complement to the well-paced funky beat, the pre-chorus singing “I think it’s like I’m just playing rock, paper, scissors in front of the mirror,” adds flavor and fun, making it more likely among the listeners. The repetitive “gawi bawi bo” becomes inevitable from getting in our heads, as we are left with no options but sing along while swaying along with the rhythm. In addition, Roda’s confident rap, Narchan’s flattering lines, and Bitsaeson’s cuteness could not stop us from enjoying the beat.

The Music Video

The mountain idols take advantage of the sunny bright cliff areas to shoot a fun-loving music video. The sunshiny nature sceneries picture a perfect summer, with rich flowers and trees adorning the ambiance. As the video begins, the members stride in with confidence and fearless attitude. The trio in their vibrant blazers looks more matured and bold while trying to impress their lady guests. With champagne glass dangling the purple wine, the party does not end without acknowledging the generous flirting, boasting and jealousy among the members. The entertaining episodes continue, as the trio deliberately makes us have fun by watching them fight over with Rock, Paper and Scissors. An elegant choreography and neat duet also stage in the video, revealing the group’s style in pretty moves and gestures.

In the end it wasn’t just the girl in the music video but every audience were persuaded with the act’s charming smiles.

Did you enjoy watching M.O.N.T’s new single? Are you ready to receive their concerts in India this summer?


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