‘Water Bomb 2016’ Reveals First Line up!

Music festival 'Water Bomb' unveils it's hot first line up of performing artists!


The exciting summer water variety music festival ‘Water Bomb 2016‘ has revealed its first lineup!

VU Entertainment announced via the festival’s official facebook page that their first line up will be featuring several of the hottest and happening hip hop artists!

This includes an incredible line up of – Simon D, GRAY, LOCO, Jessi, DJ Koo, DJ Pumkin, DK Wegun, Inside Core, S2, Vandal Rock, Juncoco, Maximite, D.I.D, DJ Peachade and MC PRhyme!

This will be the second time that the music festival will be held and sounds promising with it’s tagline – “Water dance, music and performance.

The event is scheduled for July 30 and tickets are available on YES24, NAVER, TMON and INTERPARK.

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