What To Expect In #WildKARDinIndia?


In the brim of getting our dreams come true, it is sure that the expectations of every ticket holder is stirred up high. With KARD already in lands of India, let us make sure to start living the moment by visualizing them before us already.

From watching few of the co-ed’s previous performances in various concerts and tours, we are here to trigger your expectations even more by giving you a glimpse on what to expect from KARD during their tour in India.

Lively Performance

KARD is known for holding the best  choreography, that can drive anyone crazy. The act is also titled in setting any stage on fire once they get on. Holding such a vibrant record from their prior appearances, it is definitely going to happen again before us. From the bombastic “Bomb Bomb” to the sexy “TrustMe,” anything and everything is possible with KARD.

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Fan-meet Services

Are you guys aware that you can actually meet and greet KARD in person?

The fan-meet service is specially arranged for you to express your love and welcome by yourself. Not to forget, that you can get your pretty merchandise inked by the Idols before you. Adding up to this amazing experience, you can secure a hi-touch and make the best internal scream as possible.

Interactive Sessions

The members are not just performers but the best friends of the audience during their event. The friendly gestures and casual conversations could definitely make you feel as the most special visitor of the day. As a promise, it can be assured that they can make you feel home amidst the huge crowd.

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Bollywood Covers

As we all know, KARD has always been in love with India. With Jseph singing “-” and B.M mentioning India and Honey Singh in one of his recent Vlives, we are guaranteed for a superior Bollywood performance by the quartet. Who knows, Jseph can even call you out and confess “Main tumse pyar karti hu.”

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Fan Projects 

The concert is not only about you enjoying the performance of KARD but you can actually be a part of something big and make them happy by showing your gratitude. On behalf of the event, there are many petite projects are happening around, which would indeed shower lots and lots of love on the act, who came all the way to meet you.

Food & Beauty Stalls

PinkBOx Events have decided to treat their audience the best and called up the perfect people to deliver you quality products. People who have decided to witness the concert from far away lands are not sent home with their hands empty. The snacks sponsors Dongne The Town will be making sure to give you plenty Korean snacks to munch while Seoul-Made and VegNonVeg will give you the best beauty products and fashionable clothing to groom yourself everyday. 

Hidden KARDs

Above all, it is definitely going to be our desi HIdden KARDs to top the list by being the most vibrant crowd during the concert. From chanting to squealing, everything are prompt to be part of your live concert experience. Make sure to be part of them and enjoy the show to the fullest.

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Are you excited as we are to see #WildKARDinIndia?

If you have not owned a ticket for yourself then make sure to secure one for you and your bestie now! We really don’t want you to miss the exuberant performance to be staged on 12th and 14th of July, in Delhi and Guwahati.

Make sure to keep an eye on our platform for updates on #WildKARDinIndia.

Have fun!

For ticket details contact: @PinkBoxEvents


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