Win a Date with KPOP Idol Dabit in India!!!


No, your eyes are not deceiving you and this is definitely not a joke either!

Indian Fangirls, brace your hearts because two lucky Indian fan girls are going to get the chance to go on a date with this cute KPOP Idol!

Remember when Pink Box Events announced the type of tickets and there was a ‘Special Surprise’ for the Rookie ticket holders as ‘To be announced’ later?


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Well, its definitely going to be worth it to buy the Rookie tickets because along with the confirmed selfie with Dabit, the special surprise is revealed as the chance to win a date with Dabit!!!

The Rookie tickets is apparently more limited than the other tickets and hence the ones who buy the tickets will automatically enter for a lucky draw and 2 lucky girls handpicked by Dabit himself in front of the fans will get to go on a date with him!!

We have read so many fan fictions and we create so many scenarios of meeting our idols but this two lucky fan girls are getting a chance to go on an actual date with a KPOP IDOL!!! How many fans gets the chance to flaunt about a date with an idol?

This fanmeet is getting exciting day by day and we definitely recommend you to not miss this awesome chance!

Check out the cute video of Dabit asking you on a date by clicking here !



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