Winner to release pre-release covers of their album + Lee Hi releases first cover

Lee Hi releases cover of fellow label mate, Winner's "Baby Baby"


Winner is stirring up more and more anticipation as they continue to tease their fans before their official comeback.

Winner has announced that they will be releasing pre-release covers of their upcoming tracks off their mini album with a teaser photo and the tracks will be released from 21st January to 31 January.

With the release of the teaser picture, the first pre-release cover is out and it is by non other than label mate Lee Hi. Fans are treated with a beautiful rendition of one of Winner’s upcoming title track “Baby Baby” and Lee Hi just raises the excitement as she covers the beautiful song with her soulful and jazzy vocals. Check out her cover below

With more pre-release covers to come, we can expect to get a taste of what Winner’s upcoming album will sound like before its official release. Winner’s mini album “Exit:E” will be released on February 1st.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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