Winner releases tracklist details for their upcoming mini album

Winner releases tracklist!


After releasing their highly successful and much loved entry single “Pricked” by Mino and Tae Hyun, Winner has released their full tracklist for their upcoming mini album “Exit Movement:E”.
Winner will be making their comeback with double title tracks “Baby Baby” and “Sentimental”. The mini album will be consisting of 5 songs with the members heavily taking part in the production of the album. Specifically, maknae and lead vocalist Tae Hyun has contributed for the lyrics and composed both the title tracks. Members Mino, Seung Hoon and Seung Yoon have also participating in the composition and lyric-writing for the upcoming album.
The music videos for the two title tracks will also be released along with an additional music video for the track “I’m Young”. They have reportedly finished the filming for the three music videos and we can look forward to seeing some amazing visuals as Winner is quite known for them.
With the duet “Pricked” already released as the entry single, Inner Circles can surely anticipate the boys of Winner making their long awaited comeback with an amazing mini-album. Check out their tracklist below.

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