Winner talks about their long break in latest issue for W Korea!

Winner featured in W Korea February issue!


Winner is gearing up for their comeback on February 1st and we are definitely excited! Amidst this hype, the boys featured in ‘W Korea‘ February issue and in the photo released by W Korea, they are spotted sitting in a bar together and looking hot as ever!

Winner, who is making a comeback after more than one year and five months is known for making their own music apart from being talented singers. However, they have not released an album since 2014 and addressing about their long gap, member Nam Tae Hyun said, “Since we are a group that writes our own songs, we needed to study and understand a lot about music. We also discussed on things which we have been lacking as a group till now so that we can come back stronger. I have also been learning how to play guitar and listened to new songs frequently”.

While member Kang Seung Yeon said that he is nervous and his whole body is always shaking before their songs released, Song Min Ho added that the members always wanted to do something unique as a team and that they always focused on working hard in what they are good at to make good music.

Winner will drop their new album “EXIT” on February 1st with two title songs Baby Baby and Sentimental. The group will also be releasing three music videos for their new album.

Are you all ready for Winner’s comeback?


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