WINNER’s Nam Taehyun Has Officially Left the Group


YG Entertainment has revealed that Nam Taehyun will be permanently leaving WINNER. The group will continue on with four members.

This news has come as a shocking surprise to the entire KPop industry.

Below is the fully translated message by YG Entertainment:

WINNER who was planned for many activities this year had put all their activities on hold unfortunately due to Taehyun’s health issues. 

YG and the other members have put Taehyun’s mental health as the priority and decided to wait for his improvement. However, due to the fact that the mental issue was one that has been present ever sine his childhood, we cannot predict when he will recover and when he will be able to return to activities. 

After long discussion with Taehyun we have decided that it is not possible for him to continue activities as a part of WINNER and as of November 18th the exclusive contract between YG and Nam Tae Hyun has been terminated.

This is due to the fact that Taehyun felt responsible for the fact that the team was put on halt because of him and that WINNER who is two years into their debut can no longer wait to promote.

Although Taehyun will no longer be with WINNER we hope that they will continue to support each other in their musical careers.

YG plans to continue promoting WINNER as a 4 member group with no addition of new members. Please show WINNER and Taehyun much support and love as they stand on the start line again.

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: YG Entertainment


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