Winner’s Sentimental mv review


What a way to start off February. Yes, Winner is back with a mini album and the members have personally participated in making it. Sentimental is one of the tracks which expresses the frustration and tenderness one feels when you reminisce about the past. Its a song you can relate to easily.
The music video expresses the lyrics well, from the props to the settings and member’s acting. The frustration,nostalgia and anger you experience when you feel sentimental is what you can experience from the music video. Each member is set in different rooms and the place doesn’t matter as long as they are alone and can vent out their feelings. I like how they all ventilate their feelings and use different actions to depict it. Since they are alone in their own room, they do whatever they want to. You know that “aghhhh” feeling where you just stare at the ceiling or do weird actions and dance moves when we know that no one sees us, yes that’s what we can see in the video. Like the lyrics say “I only stare at the ceiling, drawing on that empty background”, the video is also shot in such a way that we get a bird eye’s view.
The music video starts off with Taehyun’s scene. He lies down, tosses around in the bed, covers his face, throws his books and leaves the room. Sounds similar?

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But no its not only about feeling sad and blue, they enjoy the feeling of being sentimental. Like Mino raps “My feelings are low but I want to go to space”

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Don’t they look hot with the instruments?

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Another part that caught my attention was “Be careful, be careful of SNS”. Once it goes out, it cant come back right? What a better way to symbolize it than this

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And who can miss this cute salsa dance

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11 {kpop-india}Winner’s Sentimental mv review11 300x168

Once you reach your limit….

12 {kpop-india}Winner’s Sentimental mv review12 300x169

This happens

13 {kpop-india}Winner’s Sentimental mv review13 300x16914 {kpop-india}Winner’s Sentimental mv review14 300x167

The teddy bear from G Dragon’s One of A Kind makes a special appearance

18 {kpop-india}Winner’s Sentimental mv review182 300x169

Overall I think Sentimental is a really fun song. You can empathize with it and enjoy feeling sentimental along with the boys. Exit series has 5 songs in the album and 3 of them have music videos. Make sure to listen to the other tracks too.


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