Winner’s Song Mino and Tae Hyun release single “Pricked”

Mino & Tae Hyun drop single "Pricked"!


Winner is back!

While all the boys of Winner are not back yet, rapper Song Mino and youngest member Taehyun are here to entice you with their duet single “Pricked”.

This is the first single released by Winner for their 2016 Exit Movement Project. Pricked starts off with an acoustic feel with rapper Mino surprising everyone by showing off his husky vocals as the song later transition to a faster pace with Taehyun’s soft and steady vocals. Both the artists sound amazing together with Mino taking part in writing and composing the song, giving us a taste of what we can expect from Winner’s comeback this year.

With the mini album dropping on February 1st, fans are eagerly expecting a grand comeback from Winner.

Did you enjoy listening to Pricked?


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