Wonder Girls Reveals Comeback Plans as They Celebrate Their 9th Anniversary!

Wonder Girls talk about their comeback plans in 9th Anniversary celebrations!


Time surely flies! It feels like just yesterday that KPOP sensation Wonder Girls debuted and it’s already been 9 years! The girls held a live broadcast on Naver ‘V’ app to celebrate their nine years in the KPOP music industry and also mentioned about their comeback plans this year.

On the February 10 live broadcast, the girls showed their love and gratitude to all their fans for loving them for the last 9 years and also expressed the desire to continue spending time with their fans for a long time. The girls also joked around stating that it is time to forget about numbers, their ages and instead, continue being happy together by delivering good music. Much to the surprise of the fans, the members revealed that the group is planning for a comeback this year and they are currently working very hard on a new album.

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The legendary KPOP girl group Wonder Girls debuted in 2007 under JYP entertainment with their first album ‘The Wonder Begins’ . They are regarded as one of the groups from ‘The Golden Era of KPOP’ and their worldwide popularity is no joke. The group has had a lot of highs and lows in the past few years with members leaving and have been missing from the KPOP music scene as well due to their overseas activities. But in August 2015, Wonder Girls made a comeback as a four member band rather than a dance group with their third studio album ‘Reboot‘. They also gave numerous hit songs over the years like ‘Tell Me’, ‘Nobody’, ‘Be My Baby’, ‘Irony’ to name a few.

As we celebrate nine beautiful years with Wonder Girls, Check out their songs ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Nobody’ below, which are among the best songs of their career and in the KPOP industry as well!

And also don’t forget to check out their song ‘I Feel You‘ which is the title song of their latest album ‘Reboot‘.


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