101 Guide To K-POP World For Newbies: 10 Words Every K-POP Fan Would Relate To!


K-POP is more than just music!

K-POP has developed a culture of its own with its ever-growing international fan base. A huge part of this culture are the special words and phrases the online K-pop community loves to use. If you’re are a K-pop fan, or a K-POP beginner here are 10 words that are used often within the K-POP fandom. Trust us, you will feel right at home with this beginner guide.

10 Words a K-POP Fan Would Relate To!

Originates from Eminem’s song, “Stan,” which portrays an obsessive fan. However, the word itself has gone through many iterations and its usage doesn’t really imply a negative light. Most fans use the term to show themselves as an avid/passionate fan of a group or artist or any celebrity. In K-Pop world, there are levels, fan -> stan -> sasaeng fan. The last one usually has a negative connotation, but the other two can also be used negatively at times depending on behavior.

Bias is the word used for a member of a K-pop group that is your absolute favorite. For example. G-Dragon is my ultimate bias.

When a song tops all the major digital music charts in Korea it is known as an All Kill. For example. Miss A just got an all-kill with their comeback single.

This word means a cute, display of affection, expressed through adorable facial expressions, gestures, and cutesy voices. For example. No wonder everyone loves her, she has so much natural aegyo!

When the stars touch and show affection, not necessarily romantically. Patting each other’s butt jokingly, hugging, or holding hands are examples.

This term is used for the youngest member of the group. Maknaes in K-pop groups often take on a cutesy role, playing up their status as the baby of the group also doing the grunt work that the older members don’t want to do.

Meaning “older brother,” oppa is a term used by girls when speaking to guys. “Oppa” is also loosely used to flirt and show affection for an older guy not related to a girl.

Used as a word of encouragement. You will frequently hear you favorite idols use this word. BTS fighting!

Expressing disbelief and annoyance. The Korean equivalent of saying “Really?”

This pretty much means, “Wow.” Like, “Wow! He donated so much money!” can be changed to, “He donated so much money! Daebak…” Just like the word “Wow,” it can be used sarcastically, too.

So, how was the lesson so far? Share with us your 101 kit to surviving in the Daebak world of K-Pop! 

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