Yang Hyun-Suk speaks about 2NE1’s MAMA performance & comeback

What does YG Entertainment boss, Yang Hyun -Suk have to say about the rumors of 2NE1's possible comeback?


2NE1’s surprise performance in the MAMA 2015 has been the talk of the town! Bom’s presence at MAMA 2015 along 2NE1 has received both positive and negative remarks from the Korean netizens but for all the Blackjacks around the world, it was definitely a moment to celebrate and remember, after all the 4 ladies of 2NE1 performed their hit songs “Fire” and “I am the Best” and it was BOM’s first appearance after more than a year.

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Since then, speculations about 2NE1’s possible comeback has been going around for some days and Yang Hyun -Suk, fondly called Papa YG by the YG fans has stepped up to make a statement regarding the rumors .

In an interview with Daily Sports, when the interviewer asked about 2NE1’s surprise performance in MAMA 2015, Yang Hyuk Suk said “The performance was planned as a surprise gift for all the fans who have waited for 2NE1 and wanted to see them”. He also mentioned that the girls took a separate plane and did not even practice before the performance. He added that, to keep the performance as a secret till the last moment, the girls did not stay together in the waiting room and never went near the venue and hence there was no rehearsal. But when asked about 2NE1’s possible comeback, Papa YG said that there are no specific plans as of now as the performance was solely for the fans who have been missing 2NE1 for a long time.

This is definitely bad news for the Blackjacks and seems like we have to wait for some more time for 2NE1’s comeback! But on the brighter side, all those speculations about the breakup of 2NE1 can finally be laid to rest with this comeback stage at MAMA 2015.




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