Yeo Jin Goo exude Masculine Charms For ‘W Korea’!

The sexy namja Yeo Jin Goo is ready to take your breath away!

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Yeo Jin Goo, who was once popular as a child artist has now shed off his innocent school boy image for his ‘W Korea’ pictorial.The actor was captured showing off his more mature and masculine charms on the sets!

The actor celebrated his high school graduation on the sets, which was a day before the interview. About his new university life Yeo Jin Goo revealed how excited he was to be in an environment with his peers, who will have the same interests as him as he will be joining the Department of Art and Film.  Further expressing himself, the actor added, “Ever since I was young, I’ve been surrounded by older people, and I haven’t had many chances to meet up with peers my age. I want to know what kind of thoughts other people my age have these days.”

When asked about the most difficult time he’s faced in his life, the actor answered that it was during puberty, when his voice abruptly changed. Recalling the tough phase of his life he said, “It was very difficult because it had been right around the time that I had seriously decided to pursue acting as a career, and an actor’s voice is very important, so it was something completely out of my control.”

The actor embraced his image makeover with open arms and simply said “It’s true that many people have watched me grow. Isn’t it better to grow into adulthood than to stay a child in the eyes of the audience?” But the actor also disclosed that it was still awkward for him to step into a bar!

How can a guy be cute and manly at the same time? It’s obviously one of Yeo Jin Goo’s many charms.

Check out his images from the pictorial below and find your high school sweetheart completely transformed into a noona-killer!

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What’s your say in this sexy namja’s transformation?



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