Yerin Baek’s New Mv ‘Across the Universe’ review


Yerin of 15& has released her solo debut album and a brand new MV Across the Universe which is also the album’s title track. According to her agency the song’s theme refers to enlightenment of the loneliness and long distance between two people.

The Visuals of the video are bright, mild and simple with a melancholy feeling to it. The MV depicts the moods and thoughts of a girl who is waiting for her prince charming to appear in her life. 

yerindkpop2 {kpop-india}Yerin Baek’s New Mv ‘Across the Universe’ reviewyerindkpop2 300x169

The rings on her finger indicates that she yearns and longs for someone to love her and as she waits for that special someone to come into her life she blissfully thinks about what kind of person she will meet. The lyric written below expresses her sincerity as well as her eagerness to meet her soulmate.

Here I am with my arms wide open, ready to hug you anytime

There are many scenes where she is shown just sitting and lost in her own thoughts while giggling randomly as she imagines how it would be like to be in love. These scenes also portrays and reminds us about how beautiful love can be and the happiness it can bring to anyone.

kpop india {kpop-india}Yerin Baek’s New Mv ‘Across the Universe’ reviewyerindkpop7 1024x576The track is very pleasing to the ear and is a great catchy song. It is like a ‘Music for Your Soul ‘.The combination of the soft upbeat dreamy music and Yerin Baek’s raspy sweet voice is ear-gas-mic along with the lyrics which hits you right in the core of your heart .

yerindkpop1 {kpop-india}Yerin Baek’s New Mv ‘Across the Universe’ reviewyerindkpop1 300x169The Dynamic change in her look grabbed a lot of attention as well. Yerin is rocking her new short platinum blonde hair  . She looked exceptionally pretty in the music video.

Overall, the MV is simple,normal and sweet and the artist managed to display the exquisite concept of the music video beautifully.

This talented 19 year old JYP Entertainment’s singer solo debut mini album ‘Frank’ consists of six tracks:

  • Blue
  • Across the Universe (우주를 건나 )
  • As I Am
  • Don’t Leave Me Alone ( 혼자  두지 마 )
  • 잠들고  싶어 (zZ)
  • That’s Why

She also mentioned that she personally took part and gave all her attention from the lyrics to concept of the album. The hardworking Artist is really looking forward to show her talents and breakthrough with her new title track. Do check out her other songs on the list. You wont be disappointed. In conclusion , we can say JYP has hawk eyes for hunting talents. 


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