YG Entertainment shares more information on Winner’s comeback

YG shares more details on Winner's comeback!


YG Entertainment has shared more details on Winner’s upcoming comeback and it seems like the comeback will not be disappointing Inner Circles anytime soon.

According to sources, Winner will be releasing 3 music videos for their comeback. Winner will be starting off their comeback from February 1st and from then onwards will be surprising fans with new and unique promotions for the next few weeks too. The mini-album will be consisting of 4-5 songs.

Yang Hyun Suk has been reported to have personally overseen and given a lot of ideas for Winner’s comeback while the entire YG entertainment has been working hard for the successful return of Winner who made their successful debut in 2014.

Winner will be returning as a group on February 1st with their mini album Exit:E. Mino and Taehyun of Winner have already released their entry single “Pricked” which debuted at number 2 on Melon and number 1 on iTunes in multiple countries namely Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and six other countries.

Looks like this February is going to kick off with a really good start  and we are super excited for WINNER comeback! Are you excited too ?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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