YOO AH IN Becomes The New Spokesperson For DIESELX + Campaign Video For DIESEL Ha̶u̶te Couture FW18 Ft. Yoo Ah In!

Hallyu India

Yoo Ah In becomes the first Asian actor to be selected for a diesel global model.

The actor attended the “Ha(u)te Couture” campaign of global fashion brand DIESEL in Shanghai, China on September 20th as a representative of Asia. He began filming the major advertisement for the brand last month. Yoo Ah In is the second Asian face of DIESEL global image spokesperson after Chinese popstar Li Yuchun (Chris Lee).

Diesel is known to have collaborated with actors and artists who have their own originality and unique rebellious attitude, similar to the image of a brand. Diesel approached Yoo Ah In for a collaboration because he felt the actor’s originality as an actor and artist, as well as his courage and his unique rebellious spirit fits well with the brand’s image.

The actor met with Nicki Minaj, Guccimaine, Bella Son, and other international figures film a photo shoot and campaign video for the “Ha(u)te Couture” limited collection.

Renzo Rosso, the founder of Diesel and the head of the OTB group, commented “I think this campaign message will have a positive impact on the world in any form and size. Because fashion is a universal and basic form of communication, we hope that familiar and influential brands with the public will continue to communicate more progressive and realistic stories with the public.”

Check the video below

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