Yoon Mi Rae is singing about ‘This Love’ in new MV!

Yoon Mi Rae is back with 'This Love'


The queen of Hip Hop, Yoon Mi Rae is back and this time its not as part of her group ‘MFBTY’ but as a soloist!

She dropped her digital single ‘This Love’ and fans can’t stop loving her new look! In the teasers, she was seen wearing elegant outfits and the song is different from the music that she usually does.

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This song is more to the softer and shows her singing skills rather than her rapping skills which we all know is great! She had also sung one of the OST from Who are you: School 2015.

Check out Yoon Mi Rae’s new single MV looking elegant as ever, as she sings about ‘This Love’ with soft piano melody and heart breaking lyrics.


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