ZE:A DongJun gets teary eyed on latest episode of “Real Man”

Dongjun's knee injury gives him a hard time on Real Men!!


ZE:A Dongjun showcased what perseverance means on the latest episode of ‘Real Men’ in which he is currently participating.

ZE:A Dongjun, known for been an athletic joined the marine corps training division of ‘MBC Real Men’ this past October. He suffered a knee injury while training, and was seen resisting the knee pains trying to keep up with the training in the latest episode. Despite the pains he kept on going till the training ended. When the training ended the naval surgeon recommended Dongjun to rest his knee saying, “If you want to keep your knee, it would be best that you take a rest now.” At this Dongjun got teary eyed and during interview said “It felt as if the sky was falling. If I gave up in here, then it would feel as though that I would be giving up on something that I had to do. I don’t want to give up on anything anymore.”


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