ZE:A J Drops Hot Teaser Pics for ‘Just Tonight’

ZE:A J's Kevin, Dongjun and Heecheol announce Japanese comeback on April 20th


ZE:A J a sub-unit of the boy band ZE:A dropped hot teaser pics of their Japanese comeback on April 2nd.

With what has been a pretty long wait for all ZE:A’s across the world, finally ZE:A J will be making a return to the music scene on April 20th with members Kevin, Heecheol and Dongjun. The boys dropped some swoon-worthy pictures titled ‘Just Tonight’ via ZEA’s official twitter on April 2nd, leaving the fandom in oodles of excitement for their impending comeback.

Though not much information has been revealed as of now, more details regarding the comeback shall be out on Monday, April 4th.

Kpop India {kpop-india}ZE:A J Drops Hot Teaser Pics for ‘Just Tonight’ZEAJ

The other two members of ZE:A J, Minwoo and Taeheon are currently serving their mandatory military enlistment, hence they shall not be participating in the forthcoming comeback.

ZE:A J is the third sub-unit of Star Empire Entertainment’s boy band ZE:A, comprising of five original members of ZE:A including Kevin, Minwoo, Heecheol, Taeheon and Dongjun.

This comeback holds a special meaning for Indian fans as ZE:A J visited India last summer in August 2015 as the judges for Kpop Contest 2015 and performed for their fans at Feel Korea Concert in New Delhi. The boys left a deep impression on Indian fans with their impeccable performance and fan service at the concert. Moreover, they also met fans at a short fan-meeting in New Delhi and shared some unforgettable fun moments that we reminisce till date.

Now as we look forward to ZE:A J’s comeback during this season which is already brimming with comebacks, we also dearly miss our boys and wait for their return not just to the music scene but also to India.

So ZE:A’s are you already pumped for their ZE:A J’s comeback?


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