ZE:A’s Kevin Releases First Solo Single “Collection” + Members Heecheol and Dongjun’s Solo To Follow

ZE:A J members begin release of their first solo singles, with Kevin's solo single "Collection"

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ZE:A’s Kevin has released his first solo single “Collection” (feat. JUCY) on April 21st at noon(KST). Yes it has finally happened!!

After setting the fans heart soaring with a sizzling comeback concept overflowing with an overall sexy vibe ZE:A J members Kevin, Heecheol and Dongjun released their japanese mini-album Just Tonight on April 20th. And now ZE:A J are getting ready to stun you with their solo singles.

“ZE:A’s sub-unit ZE:A J members Kevin, Heecheol and Dongjun shall release their first solo singles. The first to drop the single is member Kevin,” announced their label agency Star Empire Entertainment on April 21st.

Kevin’s first single Collection feat Jucy is a smooth dance track written and composed by Kevin himself. “The single is about a guy who wants this girl as his girlfriend who is really hard to get,” said Kevin. In celebration of his first solo, Kevin went on to share pictures on his instagram looking all suave and handsome with a new coiffure.

He also celebrated his first solo single by going live on Naver’s VAPP for a chat with fans, just prior to the release of the single on April 21st.

Meanwhile Heecheol’s single “First Love” shall be released on April 26th followed by Dongjun’s single “Healing” on May 3rd.

Kpop India {kpop-india}ZE:A’s Kevin Releases First Solo Single “Collection” + Members Heecheol and Dongjun’s Solo To FollowKevin5

ZE:A J came back on April 20th with their Japanese mini-album “Just Tonight.” With sizzling looks, smooth on point choreography and intriguing story line. ZE:A J shall begin their local promotions in Japan on April 22nd. This is one hot comeback that is a must watch. Take a look at the MV below if you still haven’t checked it out.

The other two members of ZE:A J, Minwoo and Taeheon are currently serving their mandatory military service, hence did not participate in the comeback.

A sexy comeback, with Kevin’s solo finally out and Heecheol and Dongjun’s first solo lined up for release, there is hardly any room for complaining. So ZE:A’s, Are you enjoying this comeback?


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