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Zia’s New Single Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Loen entertainment’s Zia has released a new single titled “Tears” that is bound to make you misty and make your heart reach out to hers! In a soulful ballad she has wrapped up the feelings of leaving the one you love and taking a new turn in your life.

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In a snowy night, Zia gazes at a bunch of boxes forlornly. The moving truck’s door opens to her grim face as she moves the boxes into her new bare house. Comforting steam rises from the teapot as she looks at the clock that is stuck at 9. Unwilling to unpack the boxes she whilst away the time with her gameboy. Looking inside the boxes she gets bombarded with memories.

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She opens a scrapbook in the empty kitchen and finally a smile appears on her blank face. A box full of her pictures, birthday tape, letters falls to the ground as she tightens her hand around her “makeshift ring”. Playing the video she stares at the screen mistily, remembering how the person had run around her clicking random pictures and taking videos on her birthday, in the bathroom, when it started snowing; she finally breaks down. She closes the lid on the box of her memories. The clock finally starts ticking again as she places the box outside and with a last glance walks away.

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The entire MMV is based around symbolism. The empty house, the clear shelves all represent how bare she felt on the inside, having to moved away from her loved one. The clock stuck at 9, her fake ring show how much she wasn’t ready to move on, stuck in her past unable to accept the fact that she was now alone. When she closes the lid of the box she has finally let go, let it all out and she is ready to move on as the clock starts working again too, moving forward in time.

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I love how the MV so subtly but so aptly shows what loneliness is like, what it feels to lose a loved one and what it takes to move on why you must let go at some point. Zia’s calming voice invokes emotion within the listener if the video in itself didn’t do so. It has a perfectly tied up end. After all the pain and grief she finally has the strength to stop revisiting her past and start living in the present. A realization we all need in life, isn’t it? Let us know in the comments if Zia brought tears to your eyes with her stirring new MV!

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