Zico’s Latest MV Is A Must-Watch MV According To ‘DAZED’ England

Zico gains international recognition on Dazed magazine's England edition's list of must watch MVs


Zico has been making waves since the release of his solo mini-album ‘Gallery’ which came with two dope MVs for the tracks “EUREKA” and “VENI VIDI VICI” not forgetting his latest MV release which was for the single “I Am You, You Are Me“.

The talented rapper shot up to the top of the charts with his music and this time it seems like Zico’s gaining some international recognition too as ‘Dazed’ magazine’s England edition has featured his MV for “I Am You, You Are Me” as one of must-watch music videos of the month!

With it’s candy coloured visual appeal and the slower R&B vibe which makes the track hugely different from his previous releases, Zico has found himself gaining more fans as it spreads his outreach wider to include not only hip hop but also mainstream pop fans.

This is what Dazed had to say about the MV:

Last week, we spoke to South Korean megastar Zico about his volcanic rise from Block B boy band leader to fearless, no-fucks-given rapper, and how he has been existing with one foot in both worlds. But before that, he released this candy-coated visual for new track “I Am You, You Are Me”, which sees the artist sing, rap and dance in a supermarket, his eyes firmly directed towards a bored-looking shop assistant. Eventually the pair realise they’ve been wearing the same outfits, from a multi-coloured woollen jumper to a big, biker jack and a fuzzy, canary yellow top and a shirt with a rose pin. Watch right to the end to see if you can spot a copy of Dazed leaning against one of the shop shelves.

If you still haven’t watched the “I Am You, You Are Me” MV, check it out below!


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