Zico’s new venture with ‘Yogorino Cafe’


Block B’s Zico has stirred up the taste buds of fans with his new ice cream parlor ‘Yogorino Cafe’, in Mapo-gu.

‘Yogorino’ is an Italian frozen yogurt company that was first set up in Italy during 1993. As a family investment, Zico’s father and Zico will be co-owning the Korean branch which will function from Mapu-go, Hongdae. They have high hopes for this new venture, which has already made names overseas for it’s home-made, fresh quality of frozen Yogurt. The store opened on July 16th and will be receiving several special guests such as Zico, Company Founder/ President Enrico Balbo, Japanese Headquarters manager Yamada Kenichi and several others.

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Zico’s fans have displayed great excitement for the opening by stating, “Are you hiring part time?” “Guess I’ll head out.” Zico’s celebrity friends – DEAN, Kush, Mino, Epik High and Seungyoon – have showed their support by sending in rice wreaths to celebrate the grand opening of the store.

Check out this video of Zico at the opening of ‘Yogorino Cafe’ (cr: @jungwon7_7)



We’ve never wanted to desperately go to Seoul, until now. BBC’s are you enjoying those desserts?

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